Worshipping in the Real World: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life

by Christine Sine

Next week I will start a series of blog posts on spiritual practices in everyday life which you can read about in a previous post entitled Worshipping God: Out of Church and Into the World.  I have several quest bloggers already lined up and expect that many more will join over the coming weeks.

One of my growing passions is helping people find a 24/7 faith that is expressed in and through their everyday activities.  I strongly believe that everything we do is meant to be an act of worship in which we either experience or represent God.  I am also concerned that one of the reasons people are disconnecting from church and faith is because we have so divorced faith practices from the everyday world in which most of us live.

Kingdom signs are all around us.  We encounter God in conversations with friends and colleagues, and in generosity and compassion towards strangers.  We interact with God when we pet animals and dig in the garden, when we dig wells in Africa and respond to tornado victims in Joplin.  These can all become sacramental acts of faith if we open our eyes and ears to see and listen.

There is still time to participate in this series.  If you would like to contribute a guest post please email me at seasickdoctor@gmail.com for instructions.  And do let your friends and fellow bloggers know.  I hope that this series will be both diverse and faith building for all of us as we learn more about what it means to worship the God who created us and who is present in all we are and do.

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