Light for the Journey Prayers

by Christine Sine

I wanted to get up my collection of prayers from the last couple of weeks as Pentecost is approaching and as far as I am concerned there can never be too much prayer at this time of the year.

Be faithful as God is faithful
Put your hand to the plough and do not look back
Be caring as God is caring
Follow God’s truth whatever the cost
Be loving as God is loving
Share the kingdom wherever you go

Love God, love your neighbour, seek the kingdom
Follow the ways of life
Commit yourself to the One
Whose faithfulness endures forever

Build on the rock that is Christ
Hold firm to the One who will never let you go
Hold firm to the One who is faithful and secure
Hold firm to the One from whom all beauty flows
Build on the rock that is God’s life and love poured out

I have quieted my soul so that I can hear your voice O God
I have calmed my spirit so that I can discern your ways
May I see you, trust you, know you
Seeking your truth and guidance in all that I do

The peace of the Creator of love be yours

The peace of the Christ of hope be yours

The peace of the Spirit of life be yours

The peace of all peace be yours this day and forever.
May God journey with you in thought and word and deed

Through the night and through the day
Through the hard times and the good

Through the dark places of our souls

May God take each step with you and keep you wherever you may go
God I sit in your love, it surrounds me on every side

Love that holds us close and will never let go

Love that will be revealed as we love others

Love that will be strengthened as we keep your commandments

Love that flows from the eternal God, source of all life
This prayer is adapted from Romans 13:

May we clothe ourselves with Christ this day

And put on the shining garments of right living

May we live decent lives for all to see

And seek to love our neighbours as we do ourselves
Let us trust in the wonder of God’s love

And rejoice in the promise of God’s faithfulness

May we together with all God’s people

Sing praises to the One whose salvation extends over all the earth

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