Creation Liturgy by John Van De Laar

by Christine Sine

The following beautiful creation liturgy was written by John Van de Laar .  It is another wonderful resource as we pray for God’s creation today.

Beautiful old English oaks

Call to Worship

O Divine Voice,

You sing and the universe comes into being;

O Divine Breath,

You breathe and all things spring to life;

O Divine Word,

You call and creation is sustained;

O Divine Flesh,

You are born among us, and the Creator is clothed in creation;

O Divine Spirit,

You contain all that has been formed;

O Divine Life,

You are the pulse of all that is;

And so, in faith and expectation, in wonder and celebration

we gather to remember this mystery:

In you all things live and move and have being,

In all things, you live and move and express your Divine artistry;

And so we join with creation in the eternal song of worship and devotion.


Praise and Confession

O God who gives birth to all that we see, all that we know, all that we dream,

and all that is unseen, unknown and unimagined,

We celebrate your life that holds and nurtures the universe

we celebrate your love which joins creation as one and unites all things with you; We give thanks for your life which is incarnated in Christ

and which is revealed in every created being; 

We savour your presence which is limitless and welcoming,

and your Spirit which fills every moment of time and every fragment of matter.

But even as we receive again your vision of life,

we recognise that we have been blind to its universal heartbeat;

Even as we remember the connectedness of all things,

we acknowledge that we have divided and separated ourselves, and forgotten our part in your creation;

Even as we are energised by your breath within us, we confess our destructiveness,

and repent of the harm we have done to ourselves and our world.

For the sake of Jesus, the firstborn of all creation, who, in death, disarmed all that is evil, and, in resurrection, stripped death of power,

We ask you to recreate us, to reconnect us, and to restore to us the vision of your life in creation, and the power to live it.


The Lord’s Prayer may be said together.

Statement of Faith

Let us proclaim together our conviction of, and commitment to, God’s purpose in creation:

We believe that God gave birth to the universe and all that is in it,

and we proclaim that God’s life is beyond and within it all.

We believe that, in Jesus, God was revealed in human flesh,

and we proclaim that all is recreated through Christ’s saving work.

We believe that God’s Spirit energises the created order,

and we proclaim that all things are one, and everything lives in God.



Let us open ourselves to the grace of God, to the brokenness of our world,

and to the call to be agents of healing and recreation.

Where human greed has stripped the world of beauty and life, and robbed people of dignity and subsistence,

We pray, O God, for a new vision of abundance, and a new commitment to nurture the world that feeds us and share with those who do not have.


Where human hatred has severed relationships, and broken the connection that unites creation,

We pray, O God, for love to be renewed, 

and compassion to draw us back into union.


Where human loneliness, weakness, sickness and grief, and the suffering of our planet and its inhabitants hide the signs of your life,

We pray, O God, for healing, comfort and strength and for the courage to keep hoping in the renewed creation to come.


O God, restore our faith, revive our hope, rekindle our love, And hear our prayer;

For we offer it in Christ’s name.



The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it,

And the Lord’s glory covers the earth as the waters over the sea.

The trees of the field clap their hands, the birds of the air sing songs of praise

And if we should fail to express our worship, even the rocks and stones would cry out!

And so, we lift up our hearts, and we lift up our voices

And we offer thanksgiving and adoration to the Lord the Creator of all.

Blessed are you, Sovereign of the Universe,

for from seeds sown into the earth

you have given us the gift of bread to feed and nourish us.

And at Jesus’ last meal with his friends, before facing the cross,

Our Lord took bread, blessed it and broke it.

Then he passed it among them saying:

This is my body, broken for you.

Take and eat, and do this to remember me.

The bread is broken in the sight of the people.

Blessed are you, Sovereign of the Universe

for from grapes which grow ripe and sweet on the vine,

you have given us the gift of wine to refresh and heal us.

And at Jesus’ last meal with his friends before facing the cross,

Our Lord took the cup of wine and blessed it.

Then he passed it among them saying:

This is my blood shed for you.

Take and drink, and do this to remember me.

The cup of wine is held up in the sight of the people

And now we come to your table again, Jesus,

Mindful of how you laid your life down,

so that we and creation could be born anew;

Mindful of how you took your life up again,

so that we and creation could be filled with the life abundant;

Mindful that we cannot earn or purchase this privilege,

but that it is your grace which beckons us,

and your grace which ensures that all creation may be one and whole.

May your Spirit work in these fruits of earth,

so that they may become for us a sharing in Christ’s body and blood.

May your Spirit work in we, who are children of earth,

so that we may be transformed into Christ’s body,

carrying his life, his care, and his salvation to all creation.

Amen.  (The Sacrament is shared)

Thanksgiving and Sending Out

In this moment and this meal, we have remembered

That the whole creation is held in the hand of God

and that the whole creation is filled with the life of God;

That the whole creation has been restored by the work of God

and that the whole creation is flooded with the Spirit of God;

That the whole creation will be renewed according to the promise of God

and that the whole creation reflects the glory of God from eternity to eternity.

So now we go from this place back into the world,

to proclaim the saving message of God,

in word and action, in challenge and compassion, to all creation.

And we go in the confidence that comes from knowing that

Christ’s limitless grace, God’s infinite love, and the Holy Spirit’s relentless companionship, always encompass us, and are always within us. 


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