Pentecostal rhapsody - Emmanuel Garibay

This is my last day at Overseas Ministries Study Center and though I have had a wonderful week, it will be great to be home with Tom & our dog Bonnie.  Interacting with the students who come from a rich variety of cultures including China, Korea, Myanmar, Kenya, Ghana, the Philippines and Malaysia as well as listening to my co-facilitator Stanley Green, has inspired many of my prayers in the last week.

I am always challenged by this week as many of these students face constant persecution for their faith.  One student belongs to the church in Beijing China in which several members were detained recently so we have heard first hand the struggles and fears they face.  This is one of the richest learning experiences I participate in each year and I am already looking forward to next year’s programme.  The art is by current OMSC artist in residence Emmanuel Garibay from the Philippines

I thought you would appreciate the prayers this week has inspired:

God may we breathe in your presence

And let go of our our fears and anxieties

May we soak in your grace and love

And throw off our busy distractedness

May we sit quietly in the place where you draw close

And know the intimacy of your sustaining touch


God you give us the power to transform the world

Power to heal the sick and to set free the oppressed

Power to forgive our enemies and care for our friends

Power to love our neighbours as we do ourselves

God may we unleash the power you place within us

And reach out as your hands and hearts of love


God may we share as you would have us share,

and care as you would have us care

May we be generous towards all

And freely give from that which you have given us


In the quiet of the morning I wait for you O God

May I turn my eyes from worthless things

And search eagerly for your paths

May I listen carefully for your voice

And follow diligently wherever you lead


O God impart to us today all we need to represent you faithfully

Fill us with mercy and compassion

Sustain us with love and peace

Breathe into us your spirit of life


God breathe life

On us, in us, through us

God breathe love

On us, in us, through us

God breathe hope

On us, in us, through us


God help us to ask the questions you would ask

And seek the answers you want to give

Quiet us to listen for your words and look for your ways

May we discern your purposes and faithfully follow your instructions


God breathe on us

Fill us with your living presence

Christ breathe in us

Restore our joy in your salvation

Spirit breathe through us

Renew our compassion and mercy


God may I listen for your words of peace

And look for the paths of righteousness

May I practice justice in all my ways

And immerse myself in your truth

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