Collaborative Consumption – Sharing and Caring Takes on New Meaning

by Christine Sine

Yesterday I came across a fascinating article on the Grist website that I would recommend.  It is entitled Sharing and Caring: The Implications of Collaborative Consumption and talks about the new sharing and caring economy that is emerging across the globe partly as  result of social networks that have made it so much easier for people to connect and share.  There are some great links in the article to other good resources on this important topic.

It reminded me of the PBS video I reflected a couple of months ago entitled Fixing the Future which explores the development of economic networks of collaboration and sustainability across the US.   It is exciting and hope giving – economic and environmental sustainability become possible when we share and care together.

Once again I am thinking – Is this another move of God, a move that is taking place primarily outside the church?   And if so why are we missing out not just on a move of God but on exciting glimpses of God’s new world breaking into ours ?

This week at the Overseas Ministry Study Center I am teach a course on Spiritual renewal.  Yesterday I talked about the fact that we need to move from a mindset in which we think we have all the answers and go into the world to teach others about God to one in which we recognize that the Divine image is present in all that has been created.  God sends us out into the world to look, listen and learn knowing that our daily experiences can draw us closer to who God is and help us recognize how the presence of God is entwined throughout our world.

Unless we see life as an opportunity to look, listen and learn about God we miss out on so much of what God is doing and unfortunately our faith is often stifled in the process.  It is as though our own knowledge of God is the fulcrum around which God revolves.  When something happens outside our understanding we either ignore it or we despise it. And that doesn’t just stifle faith it quenches joy, destroys hope and often  isolates us from the very world that God intends us to participate in transforming.

Our world view so impacts our ability to recognize God and what God is up to in our world.  God is at work at all times.  May we open our eyes and our ears to see and hear what God is doing and join in this great work that God has already begun.

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