An Easter Prayer for 2011

by Christine Sine

This morning I was listening to the news about the terrible storm that sent more than 200 tornadoes ripping across the southern US killing at least 45 people and tearing apart buildings everywhere.   My heart grieves this morning with the families of those who have been killed as our planet is rocked by yet another natural disaster.

It is a good reminder to me that our hope lies only in the promises of God – the expectation that one day through Christ all things will indeed be made new.  Because of the resurrection of Christ, one day there will be no more death and destruction, no more weeping and mourning.  That is the hope we celebrate this Easter season.

God we are blind, but you open our eyes,

To see your glory revealed through your son Jesus Christ,

Who died and rose again to lead us into life.

God we are deaf, but you unstop our ears,

To hear the power of your resurrection story,

Once we were dead but now in Christ we are alive.

God we are dumb, but you set free our tongues,

To rejoice and sing with all the hosts of heaven,

Holy, holy, holy is the one who transfigures our world with the Spirit of life,

Holy, holy holy is the one who redeems and makes whole all who respond,

Holy, holy holy is the one in whose light we see that all creation will be made new. 

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