Don't Try and Escape the Desert

by Christine Sine

We are into the second week of Lent and it seems to me that the attention of many of us is wandering.  We are on to the next thing before we have completed this one.  So this is my challenge for today.  Don’t try and escape the desert and cut short what God wants to accomplish in your life during this season.  It can be painful but it is liberating.  Desert experiences are always meant to prepare us for entry into God’s promised land where shalom, wholeness and abundance are provided for all.

I could not help but think about this today as I gazed out on the mountains.  Their winter snow provides us with water over the summer.   If the snows don’t come then we suffer drought.  We need the pain of dark rainy and snowy days to sustain us through the season that lies ahead.  And the season of Lent is one of those times when God is storing up within us the resources we need to see us through the summer seasons of growth.

These thoughts in turn inspired the writing of this prayer

May we look from the heart of God

And see afresh enormous love poured out

A son hung upon a tree and crucified

May we return to the womb of love where God holds close

And suffer in union with the God of compassion

Unafraid to share life with hurting neighbours near and far


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