Garden seminar is over – Live in the Light

by Christine Sine

May you shine in the light that is Christ
So that your true colours can be revealed
May your life be filled with his light
So that you reflect his glory
May you live always in his light
And become all God intends you to be

Saturday was garden seminar at the Mustard Seed House.  We had a small but enthusiastic group with lots of good input, reflection and learning.  At one point I mentioned that peacock feathers only have one colour pigment – brown.  The incredible colours we “see” come from the refraction of light on strategically placed and positioned feather filaments.  Someone commented that they noticed the same thing on humming birds and remarked that because their humming bird  feeder was in the shadows the birds often looked dull and uninteresting while they were feeding

Birds need the light of the sun for their iridescent rainbow colours to reveal their full glory.  We need the light of the son of God for our true colours to be fully revealed so that they can reflect Christ’s glory.  In ourselves we are all dull and ordinary.  But when the light of Christ shines on us and through us, we are all able to shine with beautiful iridescent colours and breathtaking designs.  Only in Christ’s light and Christ’s presence can we become all that God intends us to be.

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