May we trust today in the God who gives us all things in Christ
Love poured out in nail torn hands
Life poured out in death on Cross
God who gives us the incomprehensible may we trust in you today


God keep me faithful to you this day
Keep me loving towards neighbour near and far
Keep me caring as I see the world’s pain
Keep me trusting through the uncertainties of life
Keep me sharing from your generous abundance


God open my eyes to your glory
The treasure of beauty in a rising moon
The clouded majesty of rainbow colours
The awe and wonder of emerging daffodils
May I look and see that my body may be flooded with light


Merciful and compassionate God
You transfigure our world with your love and mercy
May your grace and mercy rest on us
And your transforming power flow through us this day


Christ our Lord and Redeemer
The One on whom God’s light rests
The One in whom God’s life flows
The One through whom God’s love moves
Have mercy on us


God may we savour what each moment holds
Precious time that urgently calls us to slow
May we enjoy each cathedral moment before it bursts
May we give thanks and see God


God may we live fully in the present moment
Hungry to taste the life that is now
To see in every sight a cathedral giving glory
To hear in every sound angels singing Alleluhia


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