Chefs are Competitive, Gardeners Share

by Christine Sine

As you can tell I am still reflecting on the garden seminar up at Mt Vernon on Saturday which was hosted by Graham Kerr, once known as the Galloping Gourmet.  One comment he made was very thought provoking

Chefs are competitive but gardeners share.

He was referring to the fact that chefs are, on the whole very protective of their prize recipes.  Gardeners on the other hand tend to be open handed and generous, not only willing to share their expertise but also their produce and the techniques they have for preserving and cooking it.

No wonder God is described as a gardener rather than a chef.  Our God is the most generous being imaginable.  This morning I was reading about how God provided for the children of Israel in the desert – manna, the food of angels rained down from heaven, quail in abundance, water from a rock.

But the Israelites did not respond with gratitude and many of them tried to hoard as well, not recognizing that God’s provision, like what comes from the garden, is meant to be shared.  I wonder if that was why Jesus told the story of the rich man who hoarded grain to make a huge profit, only to die before he could sell it.

The garden has certainly taught me to be generous, recognizing that unless I share the produce, it goes bad benefiting neither me nor anyone else.

We live in a world that encourages us to hoard rather than to share but maybe as we learn to garden we too will learn to share as God intends us to.  What do you think?

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