Creative Worship Tour Moves to Clayfire Curator

by Christine Sine

A couple of days ago I received the following email.  I have been a part of the Creative Worship Tour group for several months now and how found their discussions both inspirational and informative.  I would also highly recommend Mark Pierson’s book The Art of Curating Worship to you. (review to follow next week).  Mark has been a good friend for many years.  He is one of the most creative people I know and provided part of the inspiration that started me writing liturgical prayers.  I think that this is a blog well worth adding to your list.

Greetings Creative Worship Tour members!

Starting today, Creative Worship Tour will cease to have new content and will no longer be adding new members. Though the site URL will remain accessible for a limited time, this website is effectively closed as of January 17, 2011.

Why such a change?

Your beloved team at Creative Worship Tour has been busy behind the scenes (for several months now) preparing a fresh site for you!

We’ve launched (also today, January 17, 2011) a new website called “Clayfire Curator.” The URL for this new site – – is now live!

We are so excited to welcome each of you to Clayfire Curator this week. There you’ll find a growing number of features – some you’ll recognize from Creative Worship Tour and some that are brand, spankin’ new.

You’ll still hear from the likes of Jodi-Renee Adams (Tuesdays) and me (Thursdays). You’ll also have the privilege to hear from Mark Pierson (the one who coined the term “worship curation”) as he blogs on Wednesdays for the next twelve weeks about his recent book “The Art of Curating Worship.” (You may even be so lucky as to win one of the free book giveaways!)

At Clayfire Curator, you’ll have a chance to wrestle with daily quotes about worship under the category “Someone Said.” Each Monday we’ll pose to you the Q of the Week, inviting a response borne out of your own church context. Every Tuesday, you’ll get to peer into the worship window of someone in our community through a photo feature called “View From Your Pew”. Or, submit a photo from your church context and share this picture of your worship with the rest of us. These features are only the beginning.

Take a moment now and begin to explore the next level of conversation about the future of worship!

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