God Creates by Imagination

by Christine Sine

Faith of Campus is running a great series at the moment. Real Life, Real Faith blogathon.

This morning there were six new articles to look at including a beautiful article by Mike Armstrong on Creativity and Calling.

The life lived in step with the Holy Spirit is a lot like jazz. There is a need for discipline and structure. There has to be unity. But there is also freedom – an improvisation – to follow the call and leading of the Spirit.

I am fascinated by this interplay between who God has created us to be and our own creativity as I expressed in my article Educating for Shalom – rediscovering the Childlike Creativity of Faith which was also republished in this series.  One person commented

As an artist and one who wants to engage my imagination and creativity – I want to simply say, AMEN! What would happen if we did? – the world would simply be a more beautiful place in so many ways. I was reminded as I read your post of “The Mind of the Maker” by Dorothy Sayers. Ironically, the introduction is by Madeleine L’Engle and in it she quotes Berdyaev saying “God created the world by imagination.” She also talks about seeing ourselves as “co-creators” with God! I believe seeing these aspects are the beginning of the discovery and the the realization of the creative freedom we have with God!

I love that thought – God created the world by imagination. Actually it was all i could think of this morning as I looked out my office window at the beautiful Olympic mountains adorned with fresh snow and glowing in the pale pink light of an autumn dawn.  God must have incredible imagination to create a world that is ever changing and ever fresh with something new and awe inspiring to discover each day.


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