A Prayer of Silence

by Christine Sine

Come into a place of solitude

Come into a garden of prayer

Come feast on a slience of plenty

For God await us there

Come to where your heart is calling

Come into God’s place of quiet

Leave your worries and distractions

Come walk in the garden of life

Last night we facilitated a meeting at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity.  It was great to reconnect to friends we have not seen for a long time as well as to meet many new people who I am sure will become friends in the future.

I particularly enjoyed seeing worship leader Andy Flannagan again.  We met him last year at Black Stump in Australia where he shared his very moving song Bring Heaven to Earth which you can download for free here.   He started our worship with a 5 minute silence – a time to shut down our minds, refocus our thoughts on God and renew our spirits after the busyness of the day.  It was so refreshing and inspired me to write the prayer above.

Silence is a form of prayer that most of us (except my Quaker friends), know very little about and yet God so often comes to us in the quiet whisper that can only be heard in the midst of silence.  I wonder how often we miss what God is wanting to say to us because our lives are always so surrounded by noise.

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