Advent is Coming

by Christine Sine

This week the weather in Seattle has taken a definite turn towards winter.  Over the weekend I worked on the video I produce each year as an Advent reflection.  Both of these things made realize that Advent is on its way and I once again want to invite you to participate with me in celebrating it.

My theme during this Advent will be Jesus is Near – How do We Draw Close? and I would like you to participate. If you would like to contribute a reflection of 300- 500 words to be published during Advent as a guest post please comment below. I am particularly interesting in the meaningful spiritual practices you participate in during this season that draw you closer to God, to God’s people and to God’s world.   And that could take the form of a written reflection, a song, a poem, photos or video.

For so many this is a difficult season often because the frenetic busyness of the secular world draws us away rather than towards God and our preparations for the coming of Christ.  So how do we counteract that?  I look forward to your reflections which I am sure will be helpful to many.

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Michelle October 11, 2010 - 9:09 pm

I love Advent! Cver the past couple of years I have developed a daily routine with my small children, using the traditions of the advent calendar, christmas tree and advent candle wreath, to retell the story of salvation from Adam to Christ. One year when I was working for a church we integrated this into the whole Sunday worship program.

I would love to be considered for a post on Advent at Home.

Strange to offer without you knowing anything about me. I know that you know a good friend of mine, Barb Totterdal (Daws) so if you need to check me out drop her a line!


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