How Do We Help Students See Differently?

by Christine Sine

With our focus this week on the future of education and the need to discover our creative ability I thought that this article from SpeEdChange was well worth a read.  It also reminded me of the quote I often use: “The true voyage of discovery lies not in seeing new landscapes but in having new eyes?

There is a reason that, when the American Film Institute surveyed people, Atticus Finchfrom To Kill a Mockingbirdwas chosen the greatest hero in American film history.

For me this heroism is not simply represented by the fact that Atticus is someone “born to do our unpleasant tasks,” as Maudie says, or by his unstinting sense of justice, but in something even finer.

Atticus teaches all three children in the story to look at the world in ways unknown to the society which surrounds them. Because of this they are able to see Boo Radley and Tom Robinson and Mr. Cunningham in new ways, and – much more importantly – those children, at least two of them, grew up able to transform our ways of seeing…..

We need to help our students stand on their heads, or look down from a high tree, or to look up from under water, or whatever, as long as we help them to find new ways of seeing. Once they have this new view, then structure can help us climb down into the questions. But before they have this new view, all structure does is prevent people from climbing to new places.

So, we need to create environments in our schools, real, virtual, and academic environments, which allow dreams to evolve and collide, develop and connect.  read entire article

I particularly love this concluding thought and want to apply it to the church and spiritual formation.  How do we create environments fore disciples of Christ that allow dreams to evolve and collide, develop and connect?

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