The Future Of Education

by Christine Sine

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What is the “Future of Education: 2010-2020”? It’s a big question with multiple and dynamic variables. One of the most prominent variables is Technology. How will advances in technology continue to shape how, where and when education takes place and who is involved in that process? There is also evidence that technology is changing how a whole generation of children process information and communicate, which means new styles of teaching will be required.

But while much attention is focused on the promise and pitfalls of the wired classroom, less attention has been paid to the impact of providing basic education to those on the margins or exploring the underlying assumptions and related consequences of our increasingly over-priced institutions of higher education. It’s also important to explore our own cultural values and how those values “instruct“our children and influence the broader educational system.

In this issue we’ll explore these and other factors impacting families, students, and teachers in ways which will shape education well into this decade. But God calls us to be change-makers, bringing God’s purposes to bear on the culture and systems around us. How will we respond to these forecasts in ways which bring redemption, healing and hope? Please let us know your thoughts and responses by commenting on our website.

Andy Wade
Seed Sampler Coordinator

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