Salvation is free, discipleship is costly

by Christine Sine

Yesterday’s lectionary readings ere all about the cost of discipleship.  The gospel portion from Luke 14 25-33 is one of the most challenging scriptures I read.  And like many of us I would really like to believe that Jesus did not mean these words literally.  But I think that he did.  Or as our preacher said yesterday –

Salvation is free, discipleship is costly

I have thought a lot about that ever since.  A concise saying that carries so much poser and possibility.  So I thought I would share with you some of my challenges expressed in this refrain I wrote after the service in order to imprint what I had heard on my mind.

Salvation is free, discipleship is costly

Salvation is paid for through Christ’s death and resurrection

Discipleship is risky, it costs us brothers and sisters, possessions and livelihood

Discipleship means yielding,

A call to count the cost to carry our own crosses an follow

Discipleship remakes us

Building us afresh, remolding us into the image of God.

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