Yesterday I wrote a new post about breathing prayers.  I talked about the fact God breathed life into us so that we became living beings.   Then I started work on a new article for my book To Garden with God which I intend to revise and update for next year.  I was researching the gospel of John and the theme of re-creation in Christ that is strong throughout the book.

One of the references I used commented on the fact that God breathed life into us in Genesis and then after the resurrection Jesus breathed into the disciples and filled them with the Holy Spirit – the life of the new creation.  (John 20: 22) I was stunned as I realized the implications of this verse.

The Holy Spirit truly is the breath of God that gives us new life  and the ability to become all that God intends us to be – love of God, love of neighbour, a life lived for others and not for ourselves all become possible when we breathe in the breath of God’s Holy Spirit and give ourselves to God’s purposes and not our own.

So today as I plan to stop throughout the day and take some deep breaths in and out reminding myself of the Spirit working within me.  I wrote this prayer to help me focus.

Holy Spirit, breath of God

Fill us with love of God

Holy Spirit, breath of God

Fill us with love for neighbour

Holy Spirit, breath of God

Fill us with life renewed

Holy Spirit, breath of God

Breathe on us, breathe with us, breathe through us

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