What Is Your Water Footprint

by Christine Sine

Many of us are familiar with the eco-footprint test which evaluates our ecological footprint.  However today I came across a calculator that National Geographic has just produced to check our water footprint which is probably just as important because we are fast running out of water around the world and some believe that in the future waters will more often be fought over water access than over land rights.

The average American uses 1,800 gallons/day of water – more than twice the global average.  So try the Water footprint test.  The calculator doesn’t just evaluate the water that we use in our toilets and showers.  It also looks at the water footprint of travel, production of our food and other energy consuming activities.  I found it educational just to see where most of the water is used.

And in case you are wondering my average daily consumption is 780 gallons/ day in spite of the fact that we do a lot of travelling which is very consumptive of water.  However the fact that we eat a meat light diet (not quite vegetarian) cuts way back on our water consumption.  I couldn’t come up with ways to reduce by 20% though.

Would love to hear your thoughts on how to reduce water use and cut back on yet another overconsumptive habit we have

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