Summer – a Season for Dragonflies

by Christine Sine

This morning I will be out in the garden planting the autumn crops – a little late but better late than never I think.  It is a great excuse to get out and enjoy the beauty of the summer garden.

Over the last few days I have been fascinated by the number of dragonflies around the garden.  Flashes of blue and black and green, often too fast to see properly. Magnificent creatures with iridescent wings and fragile looking bodies.  I am obviously not the only one who notices them either as this beautiful and profound article from Cathleen Falsani shows.  The article was originally published in Sojourner’s magazine.

Tombolombo. That is the word for “dragonfly” in Chichewa, my son Vasco’s native language. It was one of the first words Vasco taught me when he came from his native Malawi to live with us while he underwent lifesaving heart surgery in 2009.

For as long as I can remember, dragonflies have fascinated me. They look so otherworldly, like nymphs or sprites or the tiny vessels fairies might ride when they travel long distances—incandescent, filigreed wings holding colorful, twig-like bodies in flight.  read the entire article

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