Light For the Journey – Morning and Evening Prayers now available

by Christine Sine

Light for the Journey: Morning and Evening Prayers for Living into God’s World

A Prayer Resource for Groups and Individuals by Christine Sine

Morning and evening prayers have become an important part of the rhythm of life for those of us who live in the Mustard Seed House. We seek to live the values of God’s Kingdom with a spirituality rooted in rhythms of work, prayer, hospitality, celebration, and relationship. This week-long set of morning and evening prayers has been a foundation part of this rhythm of life for a long time. And I want to share it with you.

Each day’s prayers emphasize a different theme of faith—from creation on Monday to resurrection on Sunday—leading readers through God’s story again and again. There are focusing exercises for individual prayers and reflections on the world, as well as some of my reflections on each topic.

Many of the prayers in this book have appeared already on my blog but many of you have expressed interest in having them in book form so that you can use them for your own morning and evening prayers.  I hope that this resource will provide many of you with the refreshment and renewal that its compilation has provided for me.

According to Phyllis Tickle, author of The Great Emergence: How Christianity Is Changing and Why

“In the history of Christian formation literature, it has consistently been the small volume that has conveyed the greatest worth. That principle nowhere holds more true than it does here. Like the light which its title references, this manual, in its succinctness, travels broadly and illumines perfectly. Presenting both assigned prayers for each day of the week and also rich instruction in how the Christian forms a life of prayer, Sine speaks to us gently, but authoritatively. There is, in all of this, a kind of poignancy as well. We understand that Sine is writing to us not about some theory, but out of experience and about the sure knowledge of a life of prayer fully lived. Like every wise Christian teacher before her, Christine Sine understands—and persuades us—that it is in community that Christians pray most formatively and in community that we must seek to pray.”

This resource is available now through the Mustard Seed website

If you would like a pdf version so that you can review it on your blog please leave a comment below

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