Summer Fun – Don't take Yourself Too Seriously

by Christine Sine

Summer is here, though you would not think so if you were sitting with me looking out at a grey Seattle morning.  It is hard to believe that we are expecting 80 F today.  Yesterday at our MSA team meeting we spent a lot of time talking about the fun we have been having – days off with family, vacations, relaxing in the sun.  There is a lot happening but it is as though we have done our work, at least for the moment, and we are sitting back watching God perform miracles.  (More about that later in the week).

I could not help but think of what I wrote in my book of garden reflections: To Garden With God. Summer is a time for enjoyment, a time to relax and appreciate what we have accomplished.

All the backbreaking work of turning the soil and getting down on our knees to weed seems to be behind us.  Not that weeding stops….but the hot dry days of summer, however are essentially a respite for gardeners and should provide ample opportunity to sit back, relax and watch everything grow….

The fact that this season of comparative inactivity is exactly when everything is growing most rapidly should remind me that though I have done the planting and watering, it is God who has done the growing and made everything flourish.

Summer is indeed a season that should remind us that though we need to work hard it is God who makes things grow.  We do need to plant and we do need to water and weed but without our creator God nothing comes from our efforts.  Summer is a season for looking around in appreciation of what God is doing.  It is time to slow down so that we can notice the wonder, the beauty and the wonder of God’s activity.

Tom and I have just come back from celebrating our 18th anniversary in Victoria British Columbia.  There is no more beautiful place to appreciate the beauty of God’s world than this.  The hanging baskets burst with colour more vibrant than I have seen anywhere else in the world.  And I know that even here in Seattle, so close to Victoria planting the same plants would not produce this same vibrancy.

This is such a liberating revelation for me.   In ministry as well as in the garden, once I have planted what I believe God wants me to plant, and watered and weeded as necessary then I just need to relax and wait for God to do the growing.  The fruits of our efforts which we celebrate in the autumn harvest would not be possible without the God who gives them growth.  In fact the harvest is a gift from God, that should always inspire us with awe and wonder

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Christine Sine July 22, 2010 - 2:17 am

Thanks Melissa – hope you have some good relaxing times this summer


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