The Garden Flourishes

by Christine Sine

I am amazed at how my garden has flourished over the last month.  Cauliflowers, broccoli and lettuce are overflowing.  It is great to have a steady stream of produce with which to feed friends, as well as an abundance left over to give away and preserve for another day.

We have now harvested over 20 lb of broccoli, 23lb of cauliflowers, 35 lettuce, over 20 lb chinese greens, plus spinach, chard and a mountain of green onions.  A dribble of raspberries, blueberries and strawberries are also tantalizing our palates and we can’t wait for next year when the bushes are bigger and hopefully more productive.

Yesterday I picked my first Walla Walla sweet onion and the first pound of cherry tomatoes. Next week we should have squash and more tomatoes.  the only discouraging thing is that most of the beets don’t seem to have formed bulbs and there are only about 4 peaches on our 2 trees which last year provided about 40 lb of produce.  Not to worry I can always try again next year.

This is such a fun time in the garden.  I love going out in the cool of the evening to water, pull a few weeds and just drink in the beauty and wonder of the garden – literally watching God at work growing what we have planted.

Next week I will start to plant the autumn crops, some of which have already been started in seed trays – cauliflowers, broccoli, beets & carrots as well as lettuce, chinese greens and spinach.  This is indeed a season of deep enjoyment and fulfillment in the garden.  I am truly blessed.

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Melissa July 19, 2010 - 4:51 pm

This story is truly inspiring in its simplicity. Gardening is a great reminder of the glory of God and how amazing his creations are. It’s inspiring to see yourself growing and harvesting goods that He gives us to care for. I think this is a great story and more people should do this!


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