The Garden Flourishes

by Christine Sine

A few months ago we built new raised beds for the vegetable garden.  To be honest I did not think that we would see much improvement because we have always had a fairly productive garden but here is what has happened in the last few months.

Last year's garden

Building new beds

April garden

May 2010

june flourishing

We have already harvested about $350 of spinach, lettuce, and chinese greens.  And this week I harvested my first cabbages, cauliflowers and broccoli.

Now the only problem is that we used the square foot method for planting and most of the plants – especially the cabbages and cauliflowers just have not stuck to their square foot of space.  I think I will plant a little further apart next year.

First broccoli of the season

Veronica broccoli

The veronica broccoli is one of the most beautiful flowers in the garden.  The creativity of God who specializes in the spectacular and the awe inspiring is well displayed in this plant.  The intricate clusters of swirling chartreuse spires are breathtaking and much admired by every visitor to the garden.  Their flavour is as spectacular as the beauty and I would highly recommend this addition to both the spring and autumn garden.  And speaking of autumn it is time to start planning the autumn and winter garden here in the Pacific NW and with any luck, with the help of other community members, I will start my broccolis, cauliflowers and cabbages before I head to Australia next week.

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