Help Us Make Soap… In the Ukraine

by Christine Sine

Some of you may remember that a couple of months ago I shared the story of Cindy Todd who started volunteering with us at Mustard Seed Associates at the beginning of this year.  Cindy started a small soap making business in order to help provide financially for this work.  She has even developed a Mustard Seed garden soap for me to sell at the spirituality of gardening seminars.  It is great for getting rid of the garden grime after a few hours outside.

But that is not really what excites me about what Cindy is doing.  What really excites me is that this small business has already opened up new doors for her and in a few months she plans to head to the Ukraine to teach women there to make soap.

Its only a few months away and yet it feels like an eternity. I’ll be headed to Ukraine again in early fall, sometime in September or October. I’m going to work with Vera Kushnir and the Aquila Foundation…partnering with some really strong women, those who care for their disabled children.

They’ve had a tough time, culturally, financially, personally. They have struggled to stay with their kids, to care for them with little help from the government and community.  All too frequently they’ve become social outcasts.  Crazy, huh? These women are barely surviving. They are frequently isolated and living in extreme poverty. I’ve been invited to teach them how to make soap…and train them in business development. Its an awesome story of God and His infinite creativity.  Read the entire article

We believe that as we continue to move into a volatile and turbulent future, this type of small business will become even more important to help provide for those at the margins.  Talk about planting mustard seeds that can grow into huge trees.  We would like to have Cindy as a full time MSA staff member.  Can you help?  You can support Cindy in her work here at MSA and her trip to the Ukraine through Mustard Seed Associates.

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