Garden Blessing for Earth Day

by Christine Sine

Earth Day is coming soon and it seems as though spring will be in full swing, at least here in the Pacific NW, for us to celebrate it.  For those of you who are just getting out into your gardens to dig and plant here is a garden blessing prayer from my book: To Garden With God or paper versionthat you may like to use to dedicate your garden. And for those in the Southern hemisphere who are putting the garden to rest, this too is a good time to say a blessing over your garden.

God bless this garden

Through which your glory shines,

May we see in its beauty the wonder of your love.

God bless the soil

Rich and teeming with life,

May we see in its fertility the promise of new creation.

God bless our toil

As we dig deep to turn the soil,

May we see in our labour your call to be good stewards.

God bless each seed

That takes root and grows,

May we see in their flourishing the hope of transformation.

God bless the rains

That water our efforts to bring forth life,

May we see in their constancy God’s faithful care.

God bless the harvest

Abundant and bountiful in season,

May we see in God’s generosity our need to share.

God bless this garden

As you bless all creation with your love,

May we see in its glory your awesome majesty.


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