Garden Days at the Mustard Seed House

by Christine Sine

We will be holding garden days at the Mustard Seed House at the end of this week to prepare new raised beds in our side garden and hopefully to fill them with cauliflowers, cabbages and broccoli as well as a variety of lettuce, spinach and oriental greens and then interspersed will be carrots and beets.

We are using the square foot garden method and I am amazed at how much we will be able to grow in a crazy quilt of plants.  I have been having fun with the Gardener’s Supply kitchen garden planner and experimenting with the best arrangement for our new beds.  This is a great tool for both beginners and experience gardeners as it tends to take the guess work out of our labours.

My front porch is already bulging with tomatoes that should be ready to go in the ground mid May and this week I hope to get squash and beans started as well.

So if you are available either Friday or Saturday morning and would like to help with the garden or if you know of someone else who may be interested please let me know.  I have found that this is a great way to get to develop friendships as well as to share garden knowledge.   Of course it does mean that you will need to help us eat the produce over the summer.

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