A Small Indulgence

by Christine Sine

One of the joys for me of the last couple of weeks is that I now have an assistant.  Cindy Todd, who last year finished an MBA at Eastern University is now working with me two days a week.  It is a huge relief not just to have someone to help with the daily details but also to help us brainstorm about the future in new ways so that we can develop new ways to help followers of Christ live into the kingdom of God.

Cindy is currently working as a volunteer, in spite of the fact that both she and her husband are unemployed and busily looking for work.  (Her husband Dennis is a construction worker.)  However Cindy would love to work towards making this a full time job.  So if you would love it if you would prayerfully consider joining Cindy’s support team.  You could do this by donating to MSA and designating it for Cindy.

Cindy is in the process of launching a new business – The Snohomish Soap Company to help the family income.  I just started using one of her soaps this morning – and would heartily recommend them if you want something wonderfully fragrant and indulgent (or even if you just want to support the MSA ministry in this way).

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