Second Wednesday of Advent – More Great Resources

by Christine Sine

One of my challenges during the Advent season is which devotional to use and which scripture series to follow.  This year I have had so many options that I have tended to go from one to another.  Which is probably not good as this is the season that sets the pattern for the coming year.

To be honest I hesitate to recommend books, CDs and other resources too because I struggle constantly with the tension between becoming just another consumption driving machine.  On the other hand I know that reading, listening and reflecting do all expand our understanding of God, grow our faith and hopefully equip us to be more engaged as God’s compassionate response to our needy world.  And as someone who reads 3 – 5 books a week I obviously have an addiction that needs to be fed.  So having said all that I am still going to recommend some more great resources.

One of the best books I have come across recently is Joan Chittister’s The Liturgical Year. She talks about the liturgical year as

an adventure in bringing the Christian life to fullness, the heart to alertness, the soul to focus.  It does on concern itself with the questions of how to make a living.  It concerns itself with the questions of how to make a life…..

The liturgical year it the year that sets out to attune the life of the Christian to the life of Jesus, the Christ.  It proposes, year after year, to immerse us over and over again into the sense and substance of the Christian life until, eventually, we become what we say we are – followers of Jesus all the way to the heart of God.  The liturgical year is an adventure in human growth, an exercise in spiritual ripening.  (p4 & 6)

For this and other great liturgical resources visit my favourite independent bookstore – Hearts and Minds Books And they are not just my favourite because Bryan likes my books.  I love the personal knowledge of what is in the bookstore and the personal help that people like Bryan are able to give.

The other resource list that is worth a look is from  They have just published a great Ultimate Christmas Resource List! with some worthwhile suggestions on it.

So if like me you are addicted to reading, writing and reflecting here is some more great material to delve into.

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