Second Tuesday of Advent – Waiting Down Under by Andrew Wright

by Christine Sine

Another beautiful and extremely cold morning here in Seattle as we wait for the coming of Christ.  It makes me think of all those years I spent in Australia unable to identify with images of snow and cold that adorned our Christmas cards and filled the lyrics of our Christmas carols.  So this reflection from Andrew Wright who lives in Adelaide Australia seemed appropriate for today.  And I love his favourite quote Some people are so narrow minded they can look through a keyhole with both eyes! (Mike Warnke)

In Australia, there are many pointers to the coming of Christmas. The weather warms or, as it has this year, goes a little crazy for a time. We start to have the UV level reported on the evening news. The Jacaranda trees bloom their royal purple flowers. The footy season ends and the cricket season begins. After Father’s day (in September) the stores begin to show signs of change in readiness for the big shopping season. Last, but not least, the evening meal changes from stews and soups to salads of all kinds.

In our house, we must decide at this time, where we will spend Christmas, as my wife’s family live in another state and we have friends in a third state who have been asking us for the past 2 years to visit. This year, family wins and we are heading interstate. The anticipation of the children is for spending precious time with their cousins. The anticipation of the adults is cups of hot tea (regardless of the weather) with Granny.

This year, with Jewlz (my wife) finishing her undergraduate degree (yay!), we have seen our fair share of study-related stress. Next year, with Jewlz starting her Honours year, we anticipate more stress. The in-between time, even though Jewlz has begun the process of collating data and information for her thesis, we are expecting a time of relative peace and calm. We are hoping for a peaceful Summer, and not too hot.

Amongst it all, we choose to set aside time to remember the birth of one of the world’s greatest teachers, a revolutionary, a trouble maker, a man and our best example of what it is to live in pure relationship with God, the creator. Amongst it all, we choose to focus on the new life that Christ offers those he meets. Amongst it all, we choose to take time out to pray to the God of Jesus, that we might be able to offer the world the same hope and the samelife that Jesus offers us: hope for tomorrow and life in all its fulness.


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