Living into God's Time – The Story Formed Calendar

by Christine Sine

My friend Tara Malouf has just produced an extraordinary calendar – not like your ordinary calendars that begin in January and go through the twelve months of the year as we know them but one that flows to the rhythm of the liturgical year.  It begins in Advent and follows the seasons of the year.  I love it and would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a way to connect the rhythm of their days to God’s rhythm.

Tara calls her calendar The Story Formed Calendar because it has been formed by the story of God rather than by the story of our world.

This calendar is a tool to help us live a different story. It is a calendar for those who call themselves followers of Jesus because it reorients our lives to the work and life of Jesus in history. It re-tells the narrative of the gospel and encourages us to live—to work, go to school, parent, shop, play—all within God’s story.

Each season encourages something in us and from us. Some seasons call us to a listening quietness, others to celebration and still others to working in intentional ways.

Advent is a season of expectation
Christmas is a season of celebration
Epiphany, a season of illumination
Lent, a season of listening
Holy Week, is a time to remember
Easter is a season of “halleluiahs” and the
Season after Pentecost becomes a season of intentional living in our churches, in our families, in love, in justice and mercy, and in praise and gratitude.

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