Where is Christmas?

by Christine Sine

I am sitting at our dining room table looking out on a beautiful September morning.  It is hard to believe that in a couple of days I will be in Australia – once more heading into spring rather than into autumn.  I will miss the glory of the fall leaves around the lake but I must confess I am rather looking forward to the fact that my summer days are being a little extended for this year.

One thing that doesn’t change no matter what part of the world we are in is that Christmas is on its way – December 25th is coming whether we living in the north or the south so I thought that reviewing this delightful Christmas story Where is Christmas? by my friend Paul Samuels seemed appropriate.


I love animal stories, as I think does every child or people kid (as Paul calls adults) and in this little book Paul has brought together a whole array of wonderful animal characters who are sure to steal your heart.   They are on a quest to find where Christmas is because they believe that it is a place where they will get lots of presents…. Hmm now that sounds familiar.

In a beautiful and simple way Paul talks about the things that most kids in our society are looking for at Christmas – coloured lights, presents, lots of food.  In the end however they discover what Christmas is really all about.

To be honest when I first read Paul’s book I was not sure how well it would connect to young kids – maybe because it is so long since I was a young kid myself.  However six year old Catie Rosario Kilmer loves it which is probably a much better recommendation than any I can give.  The book captures the innocent delight of the search for Christmas as experienced by a child.  Telling it through the forest creatures who embark on this quest makes it even more appealing.

The book is also filled with wonderful illustrations and colourful images that appeal to kids of even younger age.  The timeless and ageless message means that it will appeal to those that read it as to those that hear the story.

Paul is a gifted story teller and poet so I thought that I would end this post with one of his poems which he not only recited but also performed for us when he and his wife Arlene visited over the summer.  You can check out more of his poems here


From a young boy’s face, I snitched a nose.
I stuck it down between my toes.
Now, what do you suppose that you would do
if the nose between my toes belonged to you?

Would you laugh? Or would you cry?
Or would you simply try to get by
without a nose upon you face,
and live your life in a total disgrace?

From a young girl’s face, I plucked a smile.
I hid it down the road about a mile.
Now, what do you suppose that you would do
if the smile that I plucked belonged to you?

You couldn’t laugh without first having a smile
So you’d have to talk about sad, sad, things for awhile.
But maybe you would learn to get by.
And you’d share a smile that was in your eye.

From another boy’s head I took an ear.
And I hid it away for about a year.
Now, what do you suppose that you would do
if the ear that I took belonged to you?

Would you hold your hand up on your head
and not take it down `til you went to bed?
You couldn’t wear glasses `cause they’d slide off your face,
and you’d look awfully silly running in a race.

From another girl, I got two eyes.
And I hid them away in some apple pies.
Now, what do you suppose that you would do
if the eyes in the pies belonged to you?

You couldn’t look around `cause you couldn’t see
so you’d never be able to find out it was me.
But you might one day eat some apple pies
and you might just find that you’ve found your eyes.

Then from a boy and a girl, I grabbed one mouth each
and I hid them in a sandcastle upon the beach.

Now, what do you suppose that you would do
if the mouth in the castle belonged to you?

You’d have to get there before high tide,
or your mouth would float high and wide
and you’d never be able to make a sound,
unless on the beach your mouth you found.

But, you’ve got a nose and you’ve got a smile
and I love it when you flash it every once in awhile.
You’ve got your eyes and your cute little ears
And you’ve had them all for a number of years.

And you’ve got your mouth to complete your God given face
and no matter what you look like, you’re no disgrace.
Yes, the face that you have, it belongs to you


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