Social Media and the Church

by Christine Sine

Bosco Peters made me aware of these videos recently which are very sobering news for all of us who aspire to communicate our message to others and really does make me wonder how effective our social media communications are.  Is it just a way to connect to people or can we really develop meaningful relationships and help people move into a more intimate relationship with God in this way?  What do you think?

Part of what I struggle with is do we unquestioningly take on the tools of the culture without really thinking about their impact on us and our faith.

First the challenge: there are more and more competing voices out there.  How do we convey our message about Christ effectively so that we are actually reaching those that have never heard the message?  On the internet I often feel that I am only talking to the converted.  How relevant is what we say to those who are listening – are they indeed listening or just browsing and flitting quickly through?

Now as the techy in our family I am always the first to embrace new technologies but I still struggle with some of the tensions I see between them and my faith.  Is virtual church really church?

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Christine Sine September 28, 2009 - 2:39 am

Brian – interesting questions. Of course there are many Christians – myself included – who do not take those verses in revelation literally. In fact I think that verses like those can be used by Christians as an excuse to disconnect from the world. I think our focus should be on how we can engage the world and be God’s light shining in the darkness rather than thinking about whether or not the end times are upon us

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