Latest of the Spiritual Practices Series

by dbarta

The spiritual practices blog series is coming to a close. Christine has just a few more to post after this. Here’s the round-up of posts for the last month:

Celebrations and Parties as a Spiritual Discipline by Kathy Escobar, The Refuge

The Spirituality of Drinking (Chinese) Tea by Andy Wade

Networking as Spiritual Practice by Steve Knight,

Mothering as a Spiritual Practice by Tara Malouf, Red Thread Photography

Coloring as a Spiritual Practice by Danielle Grubb Shroyer, Journey Church

Being Quiet as a Spiritual Practice by Eliacín Rosario Cruz, Mustard Seed Associates

Settling In: Reestablishing Spiritual Practices in a New Place by Ed Cyzewski, author of Coffeehouse Theology

Civil Disobedience as Spiritual Practice by Jarrod McKenna

Running as Spiritual Practice by Luis Fernando Batista, Renovatio Cafe

How to Exercise Caution When Getting Back to Exercise by Adrienne Carlson

Playing Children’s Games as Spiritual Practice by Julie Clawson

Intergenerational Friendships as Spiritual Practice by David Zimmerman, InterVarsity Press

Unemployment as a Spiritual Practice by Stephen Herbert

Editing Your Life: The Spiritual Discipline of Editing by Marcus Goodyear, The High Calling

Living in Transition as Spiritual Practice by Guy Chieleski

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