Civil Disobedience as Spiritual Practice.

by Christine Sine

I don’t usually do blog posts on Saturday morning but because I still have several articles that I have not been able to get posted I thought that I would post this interview today which was sent to me by Jarrod McKenna from Perth Australia.  Tom met Jarrod McKenna the last time he was in Australia and I am hoping that I will have an opportunity to meet him as well when he comes to the US next year.

bonhoeffer 4 - Simon Moyle, Jarrod McKenna, Jessica Morrison, Margaret Pestorius

bonhoeffer 4 - Simon Moyle, Jarrod McKenna, Jessica Morrison, Margaret Pestorius

Four anti-war protestors risked their lives recently, by entering defense land at Shoalwater Bay in Queensland, during live firing and bombing exercises.

They were attempting to halt a major military training operation, called Talisman Saber. The peaceful protesters were arrested, and fined for trespass and obstruction.

What’s unusual about these protesters is they were all Christians – two women and two men, including Reverend Simon Moyle, a young Baptist pastor from Urban Seed in Melbourne, and Jarrod McKenna – founder of the Peace Tree community in Western Australia.  They call themselves the “Bonhoeffer Four”

Listen to the interview here

Brian McClaren says of Jarrod McKenna

In my travels around the world, I see a lot to inspire cynicism -including a lot of shabby religious stuff I’d rather not even give examples of. But I also meet people who inspire hope and courage in me -emerging young leaders who “get” Jesus’ message of the kingdom of God, and who are living it and giving it away. They see the integral nature of mission – that it brings together God and humanity, humanity and creation, grace and nature, contemplation and action, evangelism and social justice, faith and politics, the making of disciples and the making of peace.  Jarrod McKenna and friends beautiful examples of this new breed of emerging integral leaders. I thank God for them. May their tribe increase!”

You might like to watch this video by Brian on Jesus and the Kingdom in conjunction with Jarrod’s interview

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