Recent Additions to the Spiritual Practices series

by dbarta

Here’s the round-up of the most recent Spiritual Practices posts:

The Spiritual Practice of Apologizing by T Freeman

Love-making as a Spiritual Practice by Mark Scandrette

Smoking the Glory of God by Jason Clark

The Spiritual Practice of Getting Honest With Myself by Jonathan Brink

Spiritual Discipline–Serving at the Pantry by Maria Henderson

Yoga and Jesus: This is a Spiritual Practice by Christina Whitehouse-Sugg

Driving as Spiritual Discipline by Reverend Mother

Between the Sheets: Sleeping as Spiritual Discipline by Teri Peterson

And of course, here are the previous posts:

Brigid WalshGleaning as Spiritual Practice

Bowie SnodgrassGrief as Spiritual Practice

Thomas TurnerEngagement as Spiritual Practice

Stan ThornburgMaking Space for the Rabbi

Gary HeardEncountering the Stranger as Spiritual Practice and GPS Navigation as Spiritual Practice

Jason FowlerListening for God’s Voice in Music

Sheila HightBirdkeeping as Spiritual Practice

Steve TaylorComposting as Spiritual Practice

John O’HaraAnyone Can Cook – Spirituality in the Kitchen

Bethany Stedman – crying as a spiritual practice

Christopher Heuertz – Feeling close to God in the graveyard

Gerard Kelly – twittering as a spiritual practice

Tim Mathis – blogging as as a spiritual practice

Mary Naegeli – Writing a sermon as spiritual practice

Hannah HauiCultural Protocol as spiritual practice

Jamie Arpin RicciPet Ownership as spiritual practice

Matt Stone – Listening to Enemies as Spiritual Practice

Dan Cooper – Washing Dishes as Spiritual Discipline

Maryellen Young – The spiritual practice of taking a shower

As you can imagine I cannot resist making my own contributions.  So far I have contributed 2 posts myself.

virtual Eucharist: Is this a spiritual practice

Is Breathing a Spiritual Practice

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