Gardeners Against Grotesque Lawn Ornamentation

by Christine Sine
Catie explains the garden to joanne

Catie explains the garden to joanne

I had not intended to blog about gardening over the summer while conducting my What is a spiritual practice series but 2 things have changed my mind.  First there is so much happening in the garden as the tomatoes and squash ripen that there is no way that i can resist the temptation to share about the bumper crop that we are expecting.

Second I came across this hilarious article posted by Annie on From this Dirt Forward.

I’m here to stage an intervention.  You need to hear the truth about your addiction to ornate lawn ornamentation and how this kind of visual pollution is making me feel.

I’m not usually this openly critical, but you need to hear the truth.  Ninety-nine percent of lawn ornaments are ugly, unacceptably grotesque, and you’re not just hurting yourself, you’re hurting everyone close to you.  read the entire article

I would also heartily recommend the following article about Tips to Get Kids gardening. from

These are boom times for home gardening, but as many parents know, it still isn’t easy to get kids interested and involved. One way, experts say, is to teach children how to cook what they help harvest from the family garden.

Gardening packs an educational punch: It can teach nutrition, biology, mathematics (sizing up rows and plot perimeters), social studies, geography and languages. Vegetable gardens help save money, encourage exercise, deliver fresh flavors to the kitchen and reduce the risks of buying tainted food. Read the entire article

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