Breath of God breathe on me

by Christine Sine

The following prayer is one that Tom Brackett the Program Officer for Church Planting and Redevelopment for the Episcopal church shared with us. We used it recently as the opening prayer for our MSA Board meeting. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

O Breath of God,

You moved on the face of the waters and created order out of chaos…

Calm our hearts that we may hear you!

You who spoke light into darkness and pushed the shadows aside…

Drive out our fears and make your face shine upon us!

You who wrestled with Jacob and marked him as you Israel…

Dance with us in our clumsiness and teach us your ways!

We re what you make of us

So we give ourselves to you.

We have only what you have given us

So we give it all back to you.

We become only what you dream for us

As we learn…


and over again,

to say “Yes!”

to you…the One

who wrestles and dances

and creates and comforts

and dreams with us

with this world

with all that ever has been and ever will be,


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