What Have We Done With Jesus?

by Christine Sine

Easter Sunday is over.  Jesus is risen but what have we done about it?  How have our lives changed because of the life giving presence of Christ?  How many of us are still sitting at the empty tomb with Mary weeping because we are worried about what has happened to the dead body rather than focusing on how to encounter the risen Christ in our lives?  Or perhaps like Peter we have gone back to our pre Christ encounter jobs totally unchanged by all that Jesus has said and done.

It grieves me that so many people who call themselves followers of Christ live in exactly the same way as their non Christian friends.  And it grieves me even more that the United States has the highest infant mortality rate of any industrialized nation and the second highest poverty rate.  (Only Mexico has higher )

Jesus’ last command to his disciples was “Love one another as I have loved you.”  and by that he meant give up our selfcentred, self involved lives and give ourselves to the things that really matter – the work of God’s kingdom – healing the sick, feeding the hungry, setting the oppressed free and preaching the good news in both word and action.   

If we really believed that Christ’s resurrection meant that the world was changed and that his resurrection life now flows in us too surely we would live very differently.  We would live by the law of God’s love which is the only law in the kingdom of God or as NT Wright calls it – love is the language of God’s kingdom.  If we truly lived transformed lives like those early disciples who gave up homes, jobs and sometimes family, maybe our world would be a very different place.  And if we truly lived as citizens of God’s kingdom speaking the language of love maybe we would see our world transformed in the ways that we say we want it to be.  

But of course that would mean we need to change our lives and become people who care for those at the margins in deed as well as word.  And it would mean that we don’t think about our own needs first but we live into a culture of mutual love and care – one that provides abundantly for all peoples and places particular value on the vulnerable and despised.  You know a little like it talks about in the book of Acts.  

What do you think it looks like to live as God’s resurrection people?

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