Christ Is risen – Let's Celebrate

by Christine Sine


Easter Sunday Iona 2004

Easter Sunday Iona 2004

Easter Monday has arrived, the tomb is empty and we are wondering what is next.  It seems like a good time to remind ourselves that Easter is far more than a day it is an entire season that stretches for 50 days until the celebration of Pentecost – this year on May 31st.

So what is going to flourish in your life during this season.  How do you expect to encounter the risen Christ?  here are some possibilities to consider:

  • by sitting down to an intimate breakfast meeting where he actually cooks the meal for you
  • by taking a good long walk (or a retreat) to ponder the scriptures and the places in which we are aware of Christ’s resurrection presence in our lives and our world
  • by taking time to acknowledge your doubts and confusions and pains and allowing him to touch your hurting places with his love and understanding
  • by facing your fears and allowing Christ to penetrate the walls that you have allowed to isolate you from the world that he calls you to serve and then allowing him to unlock the doors that prevent you from becoming engaged fully in that world.  
  • by meeting him unexpectedly at the tomb as Mary Magdalene did and accepting his invitation to be his witness to the world

Yes these are all ideas based on the stories of what Christ did during those days after his resurrection – wonderful stories of intimate encounters with the risen Christ who still comes to us not as a powerful far off emperor but as a special friend.  

I love what Tom Grosh shares in his post from Easter Sunday 

A few drops of blood renew the whole world, and do for all men what the rennet does for the milk:  joining us and binding us. Read the entire post

And don’t forget – if you want to join us for the Easter season you can download the Easter guide here  Hallelujah Christ is risen and we see him.

May we go into the day to share the love of the risen Christ

May the light of God shine on us

May the light of Christ shine in us

May the light of the Spirit shine thorugh us

Jesus Christ is risen and has given us new life

Thanks be to God, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah!

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