More Good Friday Prayers

by Christine Sine


Jesus is on his way toward the Cross.  His disciples have fled and he is alone, alone with our suffering and our pain.  Alone to face the wrath of the Roman Empire and the fury of the crowd.  Alone and feeling abandoned by God.  Yet not alone for all of humanity walks with him.  We stumble and fall as he did.  We are abused and spat upon.  We feel despised and rejected – by ourselves, by others, by our world.  God have mercy.  Free us from our prisons and bring us new life

God who created us suffers because of us

God who died upon the cross suffers for us

God who dwells with us suffers with us

And in God’s suffering we find hope

God, you suffering brings us salvation

Without you the horrors of human suffering would be unbearable

Your story of life, death and resurrection gives life meaning

Your suffering frees us from our prisons

Because of your suffering a new world is breaking into ours

May we live this day in the knowledge of your pain

May we live this day in the assurance of your love

May we live this day in the hope of the resurrection.  


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