Green Revolution – a review

by Christine Sine

As part of my reflections on the brokenness of creation this week I have been reading Ben Lowe’s new book Green Revolution: Coming Together to Care for Creation.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this little book in spite of the fact that it is supposed to be written for college students.  In fact I think that it is a great book for all Christians who are interested in creation care to read.  Ben, who used to work with A Rocha, now coordinates Renewal, a grassroots network that seeks to equip students that are passionate about creation care.  

Ben is well informed about the environmental challenges both in the US and overseas and I found Green Revolution to be a well researched and informative book.  I was particularly shaken by the chapter Insulation to Incarnation.  I thought that I understood many of the environmental problems we face but had no idea that the devastation caused by coal mining in  the Appalachian states is so great.  Did you know that 3 million pounds of explosives are used every day in West Virginia alone to blow off the top of mountains to access coal for our electricity?  

I appreciated the way that Ben highlights some of the positive things that Christians are doing to overcome these problems like Christians of the Mountains another grassroots organization that works to stop mountain top mining.  

I highly recommend this book and the work that ben and others like him are doing to care for creation


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Crystal Waring March 25, 2009 - 7:02 pm

This sounds like a perfect addition to our church library. Thank you for your review.


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