The end of another week of Lenten reflections.  Some are still in the Hunger & $2 challenge like Kathy Escobar and her reflections on Hunger.  Others like Tom Grosh are reflecting on Lent in general in You Have A confession to Make.  Others, as is reflected on this comment by Pat Lasusky are focused on the challenges of homelessness. 

Thank you for introducing your readers to the deep spirituality of caring for the homeless.  My first exposure to working with the homeless was in outreach to those who were living on the streets.  But the ranks of the homeless include more than the stereotypical “street person”.  As a social worker at an Interfaith Hospitality Network, I am constantly educating people on the hidden homeless:  the families who are “couch surfing” week by week, families living in one room at a motel, families in cars.  These are often the working poor, trying to manage as best they can.  Some are young parents who have made some mistakes, or who never got the guidance they needed to be more successful.  Some are older parents, displaced from a job or a home, and unable to get back on their feet without a helping hand.  When I think of our churches opening their doors to the homeless, I think of the woman who broke the alabaster jar of precious nard so she could anoint the feet of Jesus.  We have such
an opportunity to experience what we “do for” others in a deeper way, if we truly take it into our hearts.

And for those that are still looking for ways to enter into the spirit of Lent and who live in the Pacific Northwest here are 2 opportunities to hear one of my favourite musicians – Jeff Johnson I often use his music as background in my meditation videos.

In two, rare live sacred concerts, Jeff Johnson will be joined by classical singer, Janet Chvatal for “Music & Prayers for the Season of Lent” at the end of this month. 
Chvatal, who lives and works in the shadow of Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein castle in Southern Germany, has been featured on many of Johnson’s CDs including VespersPsalmusStanding Stilland the newest, Journey Prayers. They will be joined in both performances by Portland violinist,Wendy Goodwin.
March 28, 2009 at 7:00pm
Chapel of Mary
Portland, OR 97220
$15 suggested donation
March 29, 2009 at 7:00pm
St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church
1318 E State Route 532
Camano Island, WA 98282
Offering donations encouraged


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