Bushfire Toll Climbs in Australia

by Christine Sine

I am breaking my usual Sunday fast from the internet to ask you all to pray for my fellow Australians.  I  am reeling under the shock of the fires in and around Melbourne and the incredible heat that has exacerbated them…. and all this while Britain is suffering from the worst snow storm in decades.

I am fortunate that none of my family or friends have had homes destroyed or lost their lives but a tragedy like this impacts the whole country and I feel as though I should jump on the next plane donw under so that I can be there to help.   The death toll is now 111 and is expected to rise.

What many of us here in the US do not realize is that what makes these fires so hard to control is that as the heat rises the eucalyptus trees give off volatile oils that literally explode and spread the fire with little chance of escape for those in the vicinity.  Please pray for those whose houses have been destroyed as well as for the many valiant people who are fighting to get the fires under control.

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