Carribean Black Bean and Pumpkin Soup

by Christine Sine

I just mentioned on Twitter that I was making Black Bean and Pumpkin soup and receved so many responses that I thought I better post the recipe.  Enjoy

Title: Caribbean Black Bean And Pumpkin Soup

Yield: 8 Servings

1 t  ground cumin
2 lb pumpkin,Pureed
1 lb black beans
1 1/2 c  Coconut Milk
4 c  vegetable broth
4 T  chopped fresh cilantro
2 t  fresh lime juice
3/4 t  grated lime peel
1    Onion,Finely  Chopped
1    Jalapeno,Finely Chopped

1 tablespoon epazote

1 tablespoon Mexican oregano

[Note: Something a little different on a chilly fall day. ]
Soak beans overnight in large saucepan.  Add epazote and Mexican
oregano.  cook until soft (about 1 hour).  Set aside.  Roast pumpkin,
onion and garlic in oven at 375F until soft.  Puree in food processor,
add to heavy saucepan, Add beans, coconut milk, broth and 3 tablespoons
cilantro. Bring soup to boil, stirring constantly. Reduce heat to
medium-low and simmer 3 minutes to blend flavors. Mix in lime juice and
lime peel. Season soup with salt and pepper. Ladle soup into bowls.
Sprinkle with remaining 1 tablespoon cilantro. and drizzle with half
and half.  If ou like a thicker soup add more pumpkin or beans.

Per Serving: 259 Cal (41% from Fat, 12% from Protein, 47% from Carb); 8
g Protein; 13 g Tot Fat; 9 g Sat Fat; 2 g Mono Fat; 32 g Carb; 9 g
Fiber; 5 g Sugar; 75 mg Calcium; 5 mg Iron; 599 mg Sodium; 0 mg
Cholesterol;  AccuPoints = 5.4


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