Books I'm Reading

by Christine Sine

The stack of books that I am reading is growing – maybe that is because I am beginning to sense spring in the air and the seeds are already sending out shoots or maybe its just because I love to read.

Yesterday I read through Max Lucado’s little book For These Tough Times. Of course it was written before the economic crisis loomed but it has some very good thoughts that can be both comforting and reassuring during this season.  It is reassuring to know that God has not lost control and that God does not stop loving us because tragedy strikes and the world becomes a scary and uncertain place. I love the thought

Nature is God’s workshop.  The sky is his resume.  The universe his calling card.

Part of our problem in times of tragedy is that we limit God and often don’t pray or respond with God in mind.   Lucado reminds of the importance of girding the world with prayer in times of tragedy and brings us back to the Biblical stories of struggle that show God is still at work .  It is easy for us in the midst of our lack of understanding to forget to turn to God.  This little book is a great reminder that God is still in control.

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