Making New Years Resolutions Stick – part 2

by Christine Sine

So how do we make all those wonderful resolutions stick?  Change doesn’t happen unless we practice discipline and intentionality.  Here are a few suggestions.

  1. Develop a plan of action that will enable you to make your resolution a part of your daily life.  Write down the steps you intend to take to accomplish your goals and mark them off as you accomplish them.  If your resolution involves a major life change set milestones that you can celebrate as you go.
  2. Recite your resolution regularly so that it becomes part of your conscious memory.  Most of us don’t like recitation but there is no better way to move our resolves from our heads to our hearts than to repeat them regularly.
  3. Build a routine into our week that reminds you of the resolutions that we have made and helps you remember what you said that you would do.  Tom and I take time every Sunday morning to write up our journals and reflect on the week that has past.  Then we look forward to the coming week.  This is a great time to remind myself of my resolutions and of the ways that I hope to accomplish these.  In 2004 Taylor McKnight started taking a photo a day as a reminder of the week that has past.  For the photographers amongst us this would provide another great way to record our progress.  Take photos each day that record how you have progressed in accomplishing your resolutions.
  4. Enlist the aid of friends and mentors.  Tell others about your resolution and how you intend to reach your goals.  When we share freely we are more likely to take our resolutions seriously.  As long as we keep them to ourselves there is no sense of accountability, but the moment we share we are accountable to other

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