Everything Must Change

by Christine Sine

As I was reflecting on the impact of the economic crisis and its implications for us as we await the coming of Christ during this Advent season, this quote from Brian McLaren’s book Everything Must Change, came to mind.

A right understanding of God and faith can train people to hold their heads hig, to doubt the lies of a dysfunctional society and to work for its transformation.  But a misguided understanding can be an opiate that keeps their heads down in submission or desperation so they continue to serve the societal system that is destroying them, believings its lies, performing according to its self destructive script. (Everything Must Change p29)

I think that this is a wonderful time for all of us to reflect on the transformation that God wants to bring about not just in our personal lives but in our society too.  Can we imagine a society in which everyone receives a just and equitable wage for their labours, a world in which the hungry are fed and those that now hoard their resources share generously and joyously with those who need them.  Can we imagine a world in which all are provided for and all are treated as image bearers of the living God.  If we cannot imagine such a world at this time when we await the coming of Christ then we will never learn to live into it and we will never see the economic systems of greed and avarice which have precipitated this crisis change.

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