Home At last

by Christine Sine
Canals and Windmills - this must be Holland

Canals and Windmills - this must be Holland

Tom and I returned from Holland on Tuesday evening – still trying to get our clocks turned around but it is great to be home.  I will share more on our experiences in the next couple of days as I have time to sort photos and reflect on experiences.  One thing is obvious however – for me travel and blogging do not go well together.  By the time I have done email and prepared for speaking events all I want to do is spend time with my new found friends.

Actually I find that I am less inclined to travel than ever and for someone who has spent all her life in the air, on the sea or somewhere in between that is amazing.  The more that our Mustard Seed House community develops the less I want to be away which raises the question for me –

Is society becoming more mobile because we lack community or do we lack community because we are more mobile?

Maybe it sounds a little like the question of which came first the chicken or the egg but I really am wondering – we tend to think that our lack of community is a result of our increasingly mobile society but I wonder if in fact it is more the cause of it.  Place and relationships both matter.  When we feel secure and comfortable where we are none of us want to be on the move.  It is only when we feel alone, insecure or dissatisfied with life that we want to get up and go somewhere else

What do you think?

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