Is this Where Capitalism Began?

by Christine Sine

Tom and I are struggling to get our clocks turned around while getting ready for our first speaking event later this afternoon.  Actually I should say I am struggling with getting up when my body tells me it is time to go to sleep, he is full of energy and do most of the preparation.

I just learned that The Netherlands was the first country in the world where banks charged interest on loans and where company stocks and shares were first sold.  Evidently Catholics and Lutherans really struggled with this but for the Calvinists it was no problem.

We are particularly enjoying learning about Time to Turn, a small organization (one of God’s mustard Seeds) that seeks to raise awareness of issues of injustice toward the poor.  Last year they published a copy of the new Testament with all those difficult sayings of Jesus about money removed.  After all as they pointed out Jesus did not really understand the modern world and free market economic policy.

Of course this was very tongue in cheek but some of their readers actually believed it was for real and that this was a good idea.  No wonder our world economy is in trouble!

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